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Flux Growth System Crystal Growth Technique:

The Flux Growth System is a revolutionary crystal growth technique, utilizing a solvent or flux to create a controlled environment for crystal formation. This versatile method allows for tailored crystal compositions, making it indispensable in semiconductor fabrication, materials science research, and optoelectronics.

Micro Pull Down Mechanism:

Our Micro Pull Down Mechanism sets a new standard in precision crystal growth. This advanced technology enables controlled crystal formation by precisely manipulating the growth conditions, ensuring the production of high-quality crystals with intricate structures for various applications.

Explore our crystal growth solutions, including the Automatic Dual Glide Slider for precision and control, seamlessly integrable into existing systems. The High Precision Translation Unit ensures accurate positioning, providing meticulous control for crystals. Our High-Temperature Crystal Growth Furnaces, engineered for standalone use or integration into diverse customer equipped puller systems, create an optimal environment for crystal growth at elevated temperatures. Empower applications across industries from electronics to materials science. Contact us to discuss customization and elevate your capabilities in crystal growth.

Hydrostatic Press System(Instead of Smart press system)

The HydrostaticPress System - To make Uniform & Straight Feed Rod for Single Crystal Growth by Optical Floating Zone Furnace.

flux growth system

  • Features
    Manual Vertical Translation 200 mm
    Furnace Placing Area (350*350 mm)
    Max.Furnace Temperature 1200 ± 10 Deg C
    Continuous Op Temp. Inside Furnace Tube 1150 ± 10 Deg C
    Rate of Temp. Rise 1 Deg C / Min
    Furnace Temp. Uniformity ± 1 Deg C or better after 1 hr of soaking
    Control Thermocouple Pt-Pt/Rh
    Insulation High Density Ceramic Fiber

    micro pull down mechanism

    Top translation 600 mm
    Bottom Translation 200 mm
    Vacuum Operated yes
    Transtation Rate 00.01-150mm (/Hr&/Min)
    Translation Length[500 mm]:
    0.02 to 0.1 mm/hr(Step Size: 0.02)
    0.1 to 50 mm/hr(Step Size: 0.1)
    Fast Forward Mode 30mm/60mm/90mm/120mm per Min
    Special Mode Option to Enable Fast Translation
    Transport. Mass 5 kg
    Rotation Speed 0.1 To 50RPM [Cw/Ccw]
    Panel Control Yes
    Remote Control Yes
    Integrated Measuring system(IMS) Yes
  • automatic dual glide slider for crystal growth

  • Features
    Translation Length 600 mm
    Translation Rate 0.02 to 100 mm
    (/hr & /min)
    Transport. Mass Static – 50 kg
    Motion – 25 kg
    Rotation Speed 0.1 To 50RPM [Cw/Ccw]
    PC/Panel Control Yes
    Remote Control Yes
    Temperature Control Option yes
    Closed Loop Control yes

    High Precision Inverted Translation Unit For Crystal Growth

    Translation Length 600 mm
    Translation Rate 0.02 to 100 mm
    (/hr & /min)
    Transport. Mass Static – 50 kg
    Motion – 25 kg
    Rotation Speed 0.1 To 50RPM [Cw/Ccw]
    PC/Panel Control Yes
    Remote Control Yes
    Vacuum Operated NA
    Temperature Control Option NA
    Closed Loop Control Yes with motor encoder value

  • Features
    Furnace Type Vertical /Horizontal tube
    Heating Element Kanthal AI/APM
    Inner Tube Material Alumina
    No of Zones Customizable
    Max. Temperature 1200 Deg C
    Insulation Vacuum formed High density Ceramic fiber
    Rate of Temp. Rise 1 to 2 Deg C / Min

    Smart press system[10 TON]

    Press Stand CD Standard
    Frame Capacity 100 kN
    Pressure Gauge 0 to 100 Mpa
    Cylinder System Single Acting 10 Ton
    Max Pressure 70 Mpa
    Stroke 120 mm
    Hand Pump Manual – Single Stage – 70 Mpa
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