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Czochralski technique

The Czochralski Technique is a time-honored method for growing high-quality single crystals, and when paired with our Advanced Closed Loop Operating System (ADCS), it reaches new heights of precision and automation.

With ADCS, you can fine-tune the essential crystal shape and dimensions by utilizing the user-friendly control software accessible through an industrial PC. This initial configuration sets the stage for exceptional crystal growth.

ADCS then seamlessly takes over, automating the entire process, from crystal formation to quality assurance. The secret lies in the real-time feedback loop between the crystal puller and the control unit, ensuring continuous adjustments to maintain the optimal growth conditions.

The result is not just single crystals of unparalleled quality, but also increased efficiency, reduced human errors, and heightened productivity. ADCS's versatility allows its application in various industries, including semiconductor manufacturing, solar cell production, optoelectronics, and materials science research.

Elevate your crystal growth processes with ADCS, Where Precision, Automation, and real-time feedback combine to produce consistent, High-Quality single crystals. For inquiries and further information, Please contact us at [email protected] or Click to view our address.

  • Czochralski Crystal Growth System With Induction Heater
  • Czochralski Crystal Growth System With Resistive Heater
  • Czochralski Pull Head With Automatic Diameter Control System


Product name Czochralski crystal growth system with induction heater Czochralski crystal growth system with resistive heater Czochralski pull head with automatic diameter control system
Translation (Top & Bottom) 600mm & 100mm 600mm & 100mm 600mm & 100mm
transtation rate 00.01-150mm (/hr&/min) 00.01-150mm (/hr&/min) 00.01-150mm (/hr&/min)
Payload (Crystal) Upto 5kg Upto 5kg Upto 5kg
rotation speed 0.1 to 50RPM
0.1 to 50RPM
0.1 to 50RPM
closed loop pid control software yes-proprietary RSPL crystal growth software yes-proprietary RSPL crystal growth software yes-proprietary RSPL crystal growth software
panel & pc control yes yes yes
remote control yes yes yes
Vacuum operated yes yes NA
crucible rotation yes yes yes
Heater Induction heating system Resistive heating system Pulled head can be placed on user existing heating system

*Customization available according to customer requirements

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